What we do – Services we offer

(golf) Wrench Service is the byproduct of our passion for golf and golf equipment.  We’re gear heads and have always been enamored with the tools and equipment needed to participate in our favorite sporting pursuits.  Whether that be a bicycles, skis and ski boots, tennis racquets, and of course golf clubs.

We’ve learned that as no two golf swings are identical, each golfer’s clubs need to be similarly individualized.  Although we heartily adhere to the “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” philosophy, we also know that sometimes it’s the little changes that can make the biggest difference.  We’re happy to share our opinions and recommendations with you regarding the direction to go with your golf clubs, however we intimately know that your clubs need to fit your golf swing, and you need to be 100% comfortable with everything in your bag.  If you’re working with a golf coach/instructor and they’ve recommended so changes in your equipment set-up, we’re happy to execute them.  Changes in your golf swing take time to get comfortable with, same thing with your clubs.  To some extent, we view changes as experiments in improvement.  If the change(s) to your equipment doesn’t agree with your swing and your game, in most cases we can take a step back to where we started.  By addressing the below golf club parameters, our goal is to give you the confidence to know that your equipment isn’t holding you back!

  • Grip size and type
  • Overall club length
  • Swing-weight customization
  • Lie and Loft Angle optimization
  • Shaft Flex and model
  • Wedge/iron sole grind