Pricing for services

Here’s a general guide to the pricing for our services.  Certain clubs/repairs may be more complicated and necessitate a higher charge, however that’s generally pretty rare.  Call or e-mail if you’ve got something in mind that you don’t see listed below:

Optimization & Repair Pricing

            Gripping                                 Price                            Notes

Regrip/club                                                   $3.00               Does not include grip
Regrip (your grips)/club                          $4.00
Additional Wraps w/regrip/club          $1.00
Long/Belly Putter Grip install               $6.00               Does not include grip
Save Grip/club                                             $6.00
Regrip Package – Full Bag                      $35.00             Does not include grips
Regrip Pkg. – Full Bag (your grips)      $45.00

Loft & Lie Angles                    Price                            Notes

Loft/Lie Adjust-Single iron/wedge      $5.00
Loft/Lie Adjust Pkg.                                   $40.00             Up to 11 irons & wedges
Putter Lie Adjust                                         $10.00             Not all putters are able to be adjusted
Loft/Lie Adjust Metal Wood                    $15.00             Long hosels only
Loft/Lie Evaluation – Full Bag               $50.00

       Shaft Length & Swingweight      Price                            Notes

Lengthen Shaft/club                                 $7.00               Includes extension & regrip, not grip
Shorten Shaft/club                                    $5.00               Includes regrip, but not grip
Optimize Shaft Length – Full Bag        $90.00             Includes regripping, not grips
Swingweight Adjust/club                        $15.00             Includes regrip, but not grip
Optimize Swingweight – Full Bag        $200.00           Includes regrip, but not grips

Shafting                                     Price                            Notes

Reshaft – Single club                                $18.00             Includes regrip, but not grip
Reshaft Pkg–Full set irons&wedges   $150.00           Includes regrip, but not shafts & grips
Broken Shaft Removal/club                  $20.00             Steel or graphite
Re-epoxi club head                                   $10.00
Bore-Thru Shaft install                            $25.00             Includes regrip, but not shaft & grip
Shaft Pull/club                                            $10.00             Steel or graphite
Hosel Bore – Single head                        $15.00             Includes shaft pull, but not reshafting
Hosel Bore – Titanium head                  $20.00             Includes shaft pull, but not reshafting
Remove rattle – Shaft or head              $20.00

Iron/Wedge Services            Price                            Notes

Sharpen grooves/iron or wedge          $15.00
Custom Sole Grind/iron or wedge      $Call                Options available for your swing & game!

Shoes                                  Price                            Notes

Replace spikes/pair                                  $10.00             Spikes not included
Cleaning & Waterproofing                     $20.00