(golf) Wrench Service bios

Owner and Founder – Jim

Having grown up as a ski racer in the winter and a bicycle racer in the summer, Jim early on acquired the realization that attention to the finest details in the preparation and maintenance of the “tools of his trade” would directly lead to improved performance.  Now that he’s focused his passion to golf clubs, he’s found the same principles apply.  A life-long student, Jim self-taught skills brought him to the attention of luminary Tour Pros and aspiring amateurs such as Chubbs Peterson, Shooter McGavin,  Stuart Corbridge, Roy McAvoy, and David Simms in the 1990’s, all of whom used Jim for club repair and fitting services.

Tiring of life on the road, the drama of professional tours, and the pampering Tour Pros require, Jim has chosen to focus his talents on golfers who have a fundamental passion for and love of the game of golf.  Golfers who play for the pure, unadulterated joy of hitting that perfect shot, not those playing for a paycheck.

Jim looks forward to sharing his knowledge and passion of the game of golf with you in your journey to joy and improvement!